Is becoming a Coach right for you?

Why you? Why now?

I'm writing this at the end of March 2020. Globally, life as we know it, has changed, probably forever. 3.2 million Americans filed for unemployment this week and many have had hours reduced. If this is you or if you're fearful of the future or if you want to start creating a second stream of income, our team and I are here for you. We are not here to sell you a pipe dream. This time is too critical. We don't know you, but we care about people and we know your livelihood is at stake. We take that seriously. 

Coaching is simply put an opportunity. It's not a job. It doesn't come with a guarantee. It's not a get rich quick scheme or promise. It is an opportunity to make income. Some are able to earn a few hundred dollars a month and a small number are able to make quite a lot. I can't tell you what category you would fall into. But I can tell you that as someone who has been with Beachbody for almost 13 years with great success, my team and I can equip you to succeed. Take a look at the short videos and reach out to the person who invited you if you're serious about making a shift in your life. We'll be holding a live video meeting on Monday, April 6th if you'd like to attend. Details are below. 

Do this Next:

1. Watch the videos below!

2. Check out the photos to see what this community of women is all about!

3. Keep an open mind. 

Tip: LISTEN to these videos while you cook, clean, drive, do your makeup, etc.!  Don’t feel like you have to sit down to expressly watch the videos. If you’re really ready to crush this business and make a change, go ahead and watch the videos all at once, they are short, and we can get you started ASAP! (p.s. that’s what our most successful coaches have done)!



•Video #1: Welcome & My Story into Coaching

•Video #2: What We Do as Coaches

•Video #3: All About the Money-  How We Earn

•Video #4: Commonly Asked Questions and Objections

•Video #5: What Makes Our Teams Different and How to Get Started


Hi, I’m

Barbie Kalev


If you’re here it probably means you’re looking for a change and wanting more for yourself and your life.  


Whether you’re looking for a lifestyle change or a new opportunity to earn income during these uncertain times, I’m here on behalf of the team to deliver all the information on how you can achieve added security.

You can coach on a part time or full-time basis. 

You are not alone. We have an incredible community and we will mentor & guide you to make the most of this business that centers around helping others. 

What Do Coaches Do?

This video will go into more detail on what exactly we do as coaches. Our business model is simple: we use these simple to use fitness and nutrition tools and run online accountability groups to help individuals live their best lives and get back on the priority list. We get to focus on our own health, fitness and mindset while helping others do the same. And then we get to mentor coaches to do the same!  We will guide you step by step through the whole process. You are never alone. 

"I can already tell this is a good fit!"

Reach out to the person who invited you!

All About the Numbers

how we earn income

We are 100% transparent. Here is all the information on how we earn. Let's just say it: this is not a get rich quick scheme. Nothing good happens overnight. However, you absolutely have the possibility of earning an income by getting in shape and helping others do the same. Myself, alongside many men and women on our team have created meaningful incomes for our families (through a lot of heart and hustle). Coaching truly is about passing on to others the gift of health and the opportunity to create income. We are on a mission to help others do the same.

Compensation Plan Highlights mentioned in video

While we can't guarantee you any level of income or success (that is entirely up to you), we do want to share with you our personal income progressions as well as snap shots of our team’s income. The possibilities really run the gamut. Some men and women on our team have earned over 7 figures over the course of coaching, some annually. Some are making a few hundred or a few thousand dollars a week. We see these numbers as a direct reflection of what happens on this team through our team trainings, mentorship programs and team members supporting team members. You’ll see the individuals below who are working this business full time in the pockets of their day, and also a lot of women who do this as a side hustle or just on a part time basis.


"I've been waiting for an opportunity like this!"

Reach out to the person who invited you!

Common Questions!


It's normal to have questions and to be a little skeptical or nervous. Let's go ahead and address some common questions: 

- I'm too busy.

- I'm not "fit enough".

- I am worried about what other people will think.

- I don't have a big social media following.

- I don't want to be salesy.


apply now!

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Wrap Up & Next Steps!

get started!

Reach out to the person who invited you!

Meet the Team

The individuals in these photos are corporate execs, Fitness Instructors, Stay at Home Moms, Business Owners, Marketing Execs, Authors, Physical Therapists, Attorneys, Dietitians, and so on. We truly are all ages, shapes, sizes, walks of life, etc.

People join for different reasons. Some join for the income opportunity, for the accountability, for the community, or simply for the fulfillment. The community element of this opportunity wasn’t the reason we each signed up, but community is the reason we would never quit. We are each others cheerleaders, accountability team, business partners, mentors, coaches and family.


With this support system, we’ve far surpassed so many of our goals and learned to set new, more powerful goals.



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