We are SOOO EXCITED to have you onboard as a new business partner in Team Empire! You are NOT here by MISTAKE. You have been placed here for a reason!

We are so ready to lock arms with you and start making an IMPACT in the lives of others!

Eek! You have NO IDEA how you are going to make a difference in the lives of other men and women in this world who NEED your story!

Listen- Things are about to go a 100 miles per hour around here---But I want you to know that YOU are now your own boss!! (I know, can you believe it???) So take everything at your own pace. No reason to feel overwhelmed! You can walk, jog, or run. We are here to mentor you through it all!

Remember that we have ALL have been exactly where you are right now and we are all here for you as you begin this exciting journey toward your personal and business goals. This is YOUR story, and you have the ability to make this journey as BIG as you want it to be! I, along with the other business partners on our team, will be with you every step of the way!

Our vision is to join forces with you and to make an impact in the lives of other women who are struggling, to help them overcome obstacles in their lives...and we are going to do that through health & fitness.

I personally want to THANK YOU for putting your trust in myself as your leader and coach. I am here to help you build your own successful business, mentor you to reach your health and fitness goals and continue to be an example for others!

Myself, along with the other leaders on our team will provide you with the tools and steps you need to get started right. While we cannot make you successful, we can provide you with the tools that will pave the way for your success. Your responsibility is to take these tools and make them unique to your style and help others to lead healthy fulfilling lives. We hope to prevent you from reinventing the wheel by sharing what has worked for us in building this business.

Let’s empower others together to strive for greatness! I hope you are ready to leave your mark on this world!!! You have no idea what this opportunity can do for you, your family and for all those you come in contact with!

Note: The following information is the foundation for your coaching business. This business is truly simple once the foundations have been laid. Don’t skip steps or rush through--I know you are excited. But laying the foundations is important!


Step 1: BUILDING YOU - Workouts/Nutrition

Start using your workout program & meal plan today! When you enroll with your All Access Challenge Pack, you automatically receive a FULL YEAR of programs, resources and so much on Beachbody on Demand (BOD). Just visit www.beachbodyondemand.com and login with your username and password. You will be automatically billed for your All Access BOD membership ONE YEAR from your purchase date AUTOMATICALLY unless you cancel your membership. IF you have never been through one of our bootcamps you will be added to bootcamp as well. Your sponsoring coach will make sure you get plugged in! You are required to be on Shakeology HD to be included in the Bootcamp.

Learn how to Access BOD here ⤵️


NOTE: You can also download the Beachbody on Demand App on your phone or tablet and access it from there!

Step 2: What kind of Business Partner/Coach are you?

Note: This can change as you get more familiar with the opportunity. This is simply a way for us to gauge what YOUR dreams are for this business so we can mentor you in the best way to help you achieve YOUR goals.

Level 1: Awards Coach: You just want to save on the products. You really just want to concentrate on your own health journey and do not have any interest in building a business at this time. If this is your right now, that is totally fine and we are here to support you in that goal.

Level 2: Business Coach: You are interested in the business but naturally a little hesitant. But you are SUPER INTERESTED in earning back your investment that you just spent on yourself. You would love to earn $80-$200 in the next 7-10 days!

Level 3: Partner Coach: You want ALL the perks of a level 1 & 2 coach AND You are interested in launching your own part time or full time business to create a life of freedom for your family. You are interested in close MENTORSHIP to start impacting the lives of others while also making a substantial income for you and your family!

**If you are a Level 2 or 3 coach.....Follow the SIMPLE steps to launch your in the Business Quick Start TODAY!