new coach email

Welcome to Team Empire! I’m thrilled that you’ve joined us! I can’t wait for you to meet our team! You are now part of a group of men and women (mostly women) who are dedicated to empowering others live healthy and fulfilling lives, all starting with health and fitness!

Please read this email carefully. It has a LOT of info and a few actions steps before we set up a video call.  Our training is self-paced, so if you finish these items before then, reach out to me and we will start earlier if you would like.  The ball is in your court.

I am excited that you put your trust in me and our team to help you build your own successful business, and to mentor you to reach your health & business goals!  

My role as your mentor and sponsor is to provide you with the tools and steps you need to get started right.  Your responsibility is to take these tools and make them unique to your style and help others to lead healthy fulfilling lives. 

Remember: You are responsible for your success. I hope to prevent you from reinventing the wheel or from making the mistakes I made in my early years by sharing what has worked for me in building my business and our large organization.  

This list is to insure that you get started RIGHT and should be completed before you have your Getting Started Right call with me, your, coach!


I will be adding you to our two Team Pages xxxxx and Team Empire Homebase .  Feel free to introduce yourself when you get in there, even though I will be giving you a BIG welcome to the Team!  You are going to just fit right in!  
This is where we talk business. Team Empire Homebase is for all our coaches and our team at large. If you have any questions, concerns, shout-outs that you want to give, that will be the place for it! Also, that's where you’ll find all the files and photos to help grow your business. Show up! BE A PART OF THE TEAM! 

I will also add you to our wellness group, here is the link for the group just in case you can’t see where you were added>>> ADD YOUR LINK HERE

This group is for support in your own fitness journey and where you’ll add your customers! We share our workouts, sweaty selfies, meals, Shakeology recipes, etc. here to keep ourselves accountable.

Order the book: The 5 Second Rule. You want to read 10 pages per day or listen for 10 mins per day! (You don’t have to have finished the book before contacting me, just get started!)

Start posting twice per day on Facebook and once per day on Instagram and get consistent using STORIES on Instagram daily. 

Focus on your own journey and start SHARING that with your friends on social media! Workouts, inspiration, healthy meals, what you're reading!! You don't just want to post about fitness or health though. Continue posting about your life. Create curiosity. You don’t have to mention the name of the program or Shake/supplements you are using!
With this being said,
STAY CONSISTENT with your own journey.  Pick a program, stay consistent with that one program, following the meal plan and the fitness program calendar.  THIS is how you get real results and how you become a walking billboard for your own business!

This is how you’ll sign up coaches/customers. There are two ways to sign up customers. You can choose whichever you like. Save these links to the note section of your phone and when it gives you an option to make in a part of your home that.🙂

Option 1:


Option 2:

Add this to your phone contact list:

Coach Relations
Phone: 1 (800)-240-0913


Make sure to make a list of any questions or concerns you have to discuss with me during your Getting Started Right call!!!
Once you have completed all the steps above, please get in touch with me so we can set up our Getting Started Right one-on-one video call.


Again, welcome to our Team! It is an honor to begin this journey with you. Whatever your hopes and dreams for yourself are personally and financially, I will help you succeed!  It’s hard work but together we are unstoppable.

Have an awesome day!