Inviting to Challenge Groups/Bootcamps

Now this is the LONGEST lesson of your training! Take it as slow or fast as you need and know that what you learn now, as well as your approach to people WILL change as your business grows! Just BE YOU! This is not a play by play script to tell you what to say to people. They can see right through that crap. But this gives you a general idea to build off of to help you find your voice.

This is a self paced introduction to sending INVITES out to those people in your life and on your social media who desperately need your help!

Part 1: Why Invite?

Let’s be real. When I started coaching I knew a few things for sure!
I wanted to share this lifestyle and solution with other women who I knew were like me and had been searching for answers but couldn’t find them! And I also knew I didn’t want to BLOW UP my friends newsfeeds with sleezy sales post or fill their inboxes with stupid messages trying to sell them something!
I vowed when I signed up to coach to NEVER do either of those 2 things. So I don’t. I have always tried my best to share my story. Share my journey---the good and the bad, in hopes of inspiring other women to make a life change. So I don’t post about products being on sale or stock photos of Beachbody products. I simply share me and add value to the lives of others every single day. I share this not only through my social media posts, but I also share it through private messages. And that is where INVITES come in. 

While I vowed to never leave sleezy messages to my followers, I do now understand the importance of reaching out to others in order to offer HOPE and A SOLUTION that I 100% believe in. I reach out to them to give them the opportunity to tell me no. So that I know I at least gave them the opportunity to discover this life change. It is PERSONAL for me. I am CONVICTED to help as many women as possible change their lives and their family’s lives through health and fitness. And so for that Reason I send DAILY INVITES!

Important Note: You are reaching out to people who engage with you, who like your content, not random people you’ve never ever interacted with. 

Now you may be thinking: “Ok. I get it; it’s important to invite! But I am still scared. I am nervous. What will people think of me? What if people do not answer! What if they tell me NO!” 

Think about this for a minute:

What if someone had not invited you to learn about Beachbody? How would your life  be different? That’s what you would be depriving people of if you don’t and didn’t invite. It’s that simple!
What would happen if our brains, our minds, our thoughts -- they physically could not allow excuses? THAT is how I am choosing to live.
- I'll do it later.
- It's too hard.
- I don't have the money.
- I don't have the time.
- I don't have all of the answers yet.
- I'll wait for my coach to tell me what to do.
- I don't understand everything.
- I'm overwhelmed.
- It's not the right time to start.
- I'm afraid.
- I'm too old.
- I'm too young.
- It's too hard.
- It's just who I am.
- What will other people think?
- What if I fail?


What would happen if we literally did not have the capacity to ENTERTAIN an EXCUSE?
What would that feel like?
What would your next step be?
How would that mindset shift change everything?
Why can't we live like that now?

What if we viewed every single excuse as a system malfunction, as a language that WE DON'T SPEAK and as something that does not EXIST in our world.  The truth is that everything you think, say, and do is a choice—and you don’t need to think, speak, or act as you’ve done for your entire life.  When you abandon making choices, you enter the vast world of excuses.

If you struggle with EXCUSES, here are some affirmations to change that. There is no excuse to live with excuses.

1) It will be difficult → I have the ability to accomplish any task I set my mind to with ease and comfort.
2) It’s going to be risky → Being myself involves no risks. It is my ultimate truth, and I live it fearlessly.
3) It will take a long time → I have infinite patience when it comes to fulfilling my destiny.
4) There will be friend and family drama → I would rather be loathed for who I am than loved for who I am not.
5) I don’t deserve it → I am a Divine creation, a piece of God. Therefore, I cannot be undeserving.
6) I can’t afford it → I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance.
7) It has never happened before → I am willing to work and to attract all that I desire, beginning here and now.
8) I’m not strong enough → I have access to unlimited assistance. My strength comes from my connection to my Source of being.
9) It’s too big → I think only about what I can do now. By thinking about what's in front of me, I accomplish great things.
10) I don’t have the energy → I feel passionately about my life, and this passion fills me with excitement and energy.
11) It’s not my personal family history → I live in the present moment by being grateful for all of my life experiences as a child.
12) I’m too busy → As I un-clutter my life, I free myself to answer the callings of my soul.

13) I’m too scared → I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, because I know that I am never alone.



PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is KEY to overcoming FEAR and Excuses! Pick up the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins NOW if you have not read it!
Watch this video and think long and hard about it. Then do it! 

Part 2: Starting the Conversation, What to say when inviting!

Inviting is SUPER simple. We often overthink it out of fear or try to say the PERFECT thing. My best advice is to be CASUAL and be you! Work from your list! Send a message to people interacting/liking on your social media and people from your list! Just strike up conversations!

Check out this document to see how easy it is to start INVITING people, filling your bootcamps, and bringing up the coaching opportunity! Remember to personalize any scripts you see. This is the way one person may talk or write naturally, but it may be different from the way you are. Just do what is natural for YOU! 




Part 3: What to say?? (Scripts to help GUIDE you so that you can share YOUR story)

Ok, so you have someone what? It is SO IMPORTANT that you use this opportunity to NOT word vomit on them all things Beachbody, but to instead listen to that person's needs, their experiences, get their GOALS, share your story and then show them VALUE in what you have to offer by offering solutions to their obstacles/problems. 

Check out this guide/script for sharing your challenge groups/Bootcamps and how to move the person from prospect to challenger!


That's it! NOW get out and start changing lives! Ask your coach questions along the way when you get stuck in conversations! Coaches who show me their conversations when they first begin have the most success. Allow your sponsor to guide you! Be CONFIDENT in the value you have to bring to the lives of others!

In your first month or two as a coach, you can co-run a challenge group with your sponsor. You don’t have to do this alone!!! We’ve got you!!! Just speak to your coach. But here are some resources for your reference. 
Also, you should be a challenger in a group as well if you have never been in a challenge group before. 
The “How To” of Running a Challenge Group Documents to save for your records and that you will need: