All You Need to Know about Instagram to Rock Your Business

Instagram is where it's at right now! If you're on it, great! And if you're not, it's time to start! Really! Our last few Beachbody sponsored training events have exclusively focused on Instagram because that is where coaches are having the most success and getting the most traction. It used to be that Instagram was for the 20's and 30's demographic. That is no longer true! So, regardless of your age, get on the Instagram bandwagon! 

BE YOURSELF. You don’t want to try to be like someone else just because they are having success. They are having success because they are being themselves. Just take the tips and strategies they use and share, but be YOURSELF!!!

You will take what you learn below and you will apply in layers. You won’t do everything all in one day! I (Barbie Kalev) only started applying the Instagram trainings below in September 2017. It took me a full month to gain any momentum, but once I did, I’ve been rocking it. I am LOVING every second of it! I am finding women that I want to work with and am sincerely loving the connections that I am making. It is worth the effort!!

Be consistent. Either you’re all in with this Instagram training or you’ll be wasting your time.

Part 1: Instagram Training

Watch this video from coach Amber Lanier

Pay close attention to and take notes on her tips on:
- Hashtags
- Finding Your Dream Team
- Posting Like a Boss
- Inviting
- Stories
Note: I love her training, however do NOT agree that you should try to sign up everyone as a coach. You want people who understand what they are getting into as coaches, whether they want to do it for the discount, as a hobby, or full time career. She is one of the coaches who had her Facebook page shut down for running her business on her personal page. It’s a great thing she is using Instagram as well. 

Action Steps:
You don’t have to relate to any particular coach to be able to learn from them. Start using Instagram Stories! Share different parts of your day; fitness, food, family/life, WITHOUT mentioning Beachbody. YOU are not “Beachbody”, You are YOU! You will be layering your application of knowledge on Instagram little by little until you master it! 

Instagram Do's: 

  • Share a snippet/video clip of you doing your workout (a pic if you want) on your page & Instagram Story!

  • Share the VALUE of what it means to you to not have to go to the gym, to be able to do your workout at home etc.

  • Try to eliminate objections before they start to happen!

  • Talk about your own experiences with time and money before starting and even after. What were your concerns? What do you think now? Eliminate them in the types of posts you’re sharing and consistently do this!


Note about Instagram Stories: If you’re going to do it, and we highly recommend that you do, go all the way! Be consistent about sharing your day. Only posting workouts or shake stories is not appealing. Show and share the different parts of you. If you love dogs, show your dogs! If you love nature, show yourself in nature! Be YOU! People who are like you will want to connect with you. 


Part 2: Instagram Training 
Jenn Richardson built her seven figure income using Instagram alone. She offers very clear steps on how to both build a following and build relationships using hashtags. 

Take notes and apply what Jenn is doing in your way! Remember to be you!!! 

If you want any more instagram training, visit the facebook coach Group "beachbody champions" to do a search. The key is to apply what you learn! Action is power!