Social Media Basics

Part 1: Facebook

Now that you have LAUNCHED your business and made everyone on Social Media aware of your new journey through your coach announcement, it is IMPORTANT that you continue to show up on Social Media daily! Social media is the biggest way to reach more people in your coaching business. For now, here is what we want to do on your social media page:

Share your journey.

Regardless of your fitness level right now, share pictures of yourself after your workouts 2-3 times per week. Note, get creative. Most people get tired of seeing someone else’s sweaty selfie. You can take a picture of yourself doing a move you like using your phone’s timer or even create a 15 second video. In your post, focus on your journey, how you felt, any struggles you felt and how you overcame them. Remember to not mention product names. Create curiosity! Ask yourself: What kinds of posts would I like to see? So, again, do share your journey, but remember that there are different ways to show that you are on a fitness and health journey. Top Coaches Melanie Mitro and Bonnie Engle (find them on Instagram) do a good job of posting about their workouts daily.

Post some healthy recipes you're going to try or dishes that you make 2-3 times per week. People love to see simple recipes. Use these posts as an opportunity to share about your journey or give a tip that has helped you. Sharing your journey will not only increase awareness of you as a Coach, it will increase your followers and open up opportunities for conversations and help you connect with more people.

Share your personal development lessons 2-3 times per week. What did you listen to or read today that had an impact on you? What is it helping you with? You can post a quote of something you read or a picture of you reading. Again, get creative.

Important: DO post about your coaching life. If you only post about your workouts and nutrition, you will only attract challengers. 


  • Snapshot of your mobile office, office, or workspace for the day

  • Share a success story that inspires you

  • Highlight and feature someone on your team who's doing great things or has a great story

  • Highlight and feature your team's top earners, top sales, etc.

  • Share projects you're working on Screenshots of testimonials, raving customers, or shout outs

  • Share your perspective on your business

  • Share current events within your company, your team, or your industry

  • Go live with a quick tip that will help your ideal customer

  • Write a blog post and share it Share expert advice or a big idea; from you or others

  • Share your business story

  • Share a customer success story Before & After pictures


  • Share where you're at, what you're doing, and who you're with

  • Share what you're reading and what you're learning

  • Quotes that inspire you

  • #tbt Ask a question.

  • Let people in on information you're seeking, whether it's how to go Paleo, or where to shop for curvy jeans, etc.

  • Share a failure, and what you learned from it

  • Share a win, and the obstacles you faced to get there

  • Take a selfie anywhere, for any reason. People love to see you!

  • Ask for opinions. Ask moms how to handle your 1st grader's lie. Ask friends how to cook eggplant. Ask for input on an outfit for an upcoming event.

  • Share new music you're listening to.

  • Ask for recommendations.

  • Post a view of your surroundings, like the sunset or landscape

  • Share personal projects you're working on, like building a water feature in the backyard, or writing a presentation

  • Share new finds while shopping...the new Tom's you just got, or your latest Stitchfix, or the couch you found on sale. These purchases show your style. Share what's on your dining room table right now...or your night stand...or the front seat of your car.

Post at least 2 times a day on Facebook.

Social Media DON'Ts​

Do NOT Tell the NAME of the workout you are doing!

  • Make people ask you what you are doing then INBOX them! Don't show your BOD streaming screen. People will google Beachbody On demand and purchase it without your help. Therefore no commission for your opportunity to help them succeed!

  • Don't show your Shakeology shaker cup! Use words like my Superfood Shake! Make people ASK YOU what you are drinking! Then INBOX them when they ask instead of replying on the post! Just reply to their comment that you sent them a message! Your goal is to get into their inbox so you can share your experience and story with Shakeology!

  • Do NOT use hashtags such as #beachbodycoach, #21day fix, #shakeology, etc. Create suspense! Make them ask you!! Don't put BEACHBODY coach on your profile! Just put Fitness and business mentor, health and fitness coach, something like that.

  • Do NOT Share Garbage. This probably seems like a no-brainer. But seriously, don’t share garbage. Or you’ll run the risk of damaging everything you’ve worked so hard to create. Here are some examples: ​ Long, negative rants about your day Making accusations or starting drama, Blatant selling (Buy P90X from me NOW and save $$$!), Blatant recruiting (Join my Challenge Group! Hurry, spots are filling up fast!) YELLING AT YOUR FANS WITH ALL CAPS! Political commentary Talking about the same thing for days. We get it! Arguing Sharing silly spammy videos DAILY or Pinterest Pins ​

  • DON'T Post your coaching link and say "Buy from me or Sign up HERE!" Too strong and you will become white noise! And I will COME FIND YOU! Haha! CHECKOUT this Blog post! It is ON POINT! TOP 10 Mistakes New Coaches Make ​

**Note: Posting on social media is not an option if you plan to have a successful business, unless you plan to talk to 3-5 people per day in person, every day.


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