creating your list


Part 1
Write down the name of 15-20 people that you would love to help, who could use a little bit of help on their journey or/and who you think would enjoy being a coach or even the community. Who do you know who has an entrepreneurial spirit? Who do you know who could use more income? You never ever know who you can help and who is interested! If you don’t ask them, chances are someone else will! We have also have all types of people on our team, from doctors to lawyers, to stay at home moms, corporate professionals, nurses, teachers, you name it. You just don’t know who would make a great challenger or coach. So just make a list of the people that you would like to help. Be courageous and make your dream list!!! 

Use Facebook to help you with your list

Use the Memory Jogger here:

DO NOT pre-judge! You can change anyone’s life or what they may or may not need! Remember that!
KEEP this list and use it to build relationships and eventually invite. It is the FOUNDATION for your business. Once you have your list, get in touch with your sponsor. Together, you can decide on how best to contact the people on your list and when. 

Add to this list everyone that comments or likes your coaching announcement post and your future Social Media posts. This list will continue to grow. 

Part 2
What do I do with my list now? Let me introduce you to gmail streak! This will enable you to track your business from the start while sitting at your desk or on the go! You will be able to build NEW relationship daily that will compound into success for your business! Watch and take ACTION before moving on!

Part 3
How to use Streak and archive messages on your phone!