Crafting Your Story | Coach Announcement


This announcement should NOT be about BEACHBODY. Actually we do NOT want you to even mention Beachbody! Stay away from mentioning actual program names, don't mention Shakeology, and no hashtags like #21dayfix, #shiftshop, etc. You want people to ASK you what you have been doing that is creating such amazing success for you or what you are doing that you are excited about as you invite them to watch your transformation journey! You can call yourself a 'Coach" but you do not even have to put a label on yourself! What you want to share is YOUR STORY! How you got to this place right here and WHY you want to help serve other women.
First you must understand the POWER of your STORY. 

Watch this video:


Now it is time to CRAFT your story.

Today, let's start working on building your own transformation story. This is what you'll share on social media and with your contacts as you invite them to a Bootcamp/Challenge Group. Often, people are reluctant to be vulnerable or show vulnerability in front of others, but these points in your story offer the greatest opportunity for others to connect with you and change their lives! Vulnerability is today's COURAGE! Vulnerability simply means showing your heart. Remember, you can't make a mistake because it is YOUR story and it will be different from everyone else's.

You do not have to have a big Success Story or transformation to be a successful Coach. This is what many coaches think, but it’s just not true. Just be you and people will relate to your experiences and story! If you are just starting your transformation journey share that! And invite others to join in with you or watch you transform (inside and out)

Here are a few simple steps to follow to write your personal story:

What have you struggled with in the past? What had you tried in the past that hasn't/didn't work? What are your PAINS? (or what were your pains before you made changes) What was keeping you miserable, numb, or stuck? What was your defining moment when you realized it was time for change? What drew you to Team Empire or your coach? What has a challenge group or your sponsor helped you with? How did that make you FEEL? How do you WANT to feel? Why do you want to help others on their health and fitness journey? What are you excited about as a coach? What do you hope it will do for you and your family? What do you have planned to help others? (Bootcamp/Challenge group to invite them to etc.) ​

Here are a few example Coach Announcements or STORIES letting other women know you are open and willing to help other women discover what you have. ​

Here are a few example Coach Announcements or STORIES letting other women know you are open and willing to help other women discover what you have.

Announcement Example (Must use an IMAGE, can be a Transformation image but doesn't have to be. But YOU should be in the image! MUST include an image of you! Also use Canva or Photofy to add a filter to your photo to make it stand out! No photo collages! Also spacing in your story is important! Separate paragraphs so that people SKIMMING the page can get the most out of the story! Capitalize IMPORTANT words!)

The girl on the left....she wanted so DESPERATELY to start a journey towards becoming a better version of herself...INSIDE and out. But she was PARALYZED by fear.
I remember thinking.....🤔

"What if I fail?"
" I know I can't do it." 
"This is my life. I can't change it."
" I need to suck it up and just be happy."
" I am a mom now, I am not supposed to be confident in my own skin."
" I am doomed."
"Anxiety and depression is basically my own WEAKNESS....why can't I SNAP out of it?"
"SHE can do it...but I can't."
"I do not have TIME to exercise. I am barely holding my head above water now."
"She is lucky. Her life is just perfect."

These were the FEAR-filled LIES I told myself daily.

And then.....I made the DECISION to call BULL SH*T on all the lies I was telling myself.

And so I began my journey.

It has been FAR from perfect, (I have had my fair share of Halloween candy, hotdogs and Mexican food today 😜!) but I have GROWN. I have learned BLANCE, a new lifestyle, perseverance, and I have found my inner strength.

I am now happy. 
I am now confident.
I am now a better mom.
I am now a better wife.
I am now a better person.
I am no longer bitter.
I do not judge as quickly.
I am more positive. 
I can see the glass half full. 
I can say I love myself and not feel like that is wrong. 
I am a work in progress. 
And my journey continues....

And all of that didn't just happen because I lost weight.
It happened because my journey was about learning to love myself....and most of that transformation had to happen on the INSIDE!
And now I want to help YOU do the same.

If YOU feel like you are trapped. 
If YOUR head is full of lies.
If YOU feel something tugging at you to make a change....
I am your girl.
I am here for you. 
I am proof that YOU CAN DO IT!
YOU ARE WORTH IT....I promise.

I will personally be investing in other women who are looking to start their own journey to become the best version of themselves...INSIDE & Out. It's time to start doing all the things you have been "wishing" you could do and start taking ACTION! Reach out!
I can't wait to chat with you.❤️
Announcement Example #2 (Again..MUST include an image of you! Also use Canva or Photofy to add a filter to your photo to make it stand out! No photo collages!)

A decision.

The TRANSFORMATION between the girl on the right to the girl on left was simple.

Full of doubt.
I was never good enough.
Not pretty enough.
Wasn't fit enough.
Hide my feelings.
No confidence.
I hide behind my kids in photos.
I hated wearing shorts and avoided it at all cost.
I avoided summer activities with the kids because I was ashamed of body. 
Guilt & Fear ruled my life!

And then I just decided enough was enough.

Really that was it. 
It was simple.
I simply got pissed off and decided I was tired of living my life this way.

It was hard. And losing weight didn't change everything for me magically. I had to work just as hard on the INSIDE as I was working on the outside.

And I am still under construction.
I still mess up. I start to slide back into old comfortable ways at times....but I never stay there long.
Because the "comfortable" begins to feel really "uncomfortable" when the darkness starts to creep back in.

One decision changed my life 10 years ago.☝🏻

And I continue to feel God calling me to help other women do the same.....overcome the darkness and learn to love themselves....from the inside out.❤

I would love to get to know you and empower you to overcome the struggles.
Let me mentor you to discover the beauty within so it can shine brightly through the darkness. It's time you did this for YOU! Reach out! I can't wait to chat!

ACTION: Create your New Coach Announcement and send it to your sponsor, if you would like feedback or suggestions before posting to your page! Post to your page around 8pm-10pm as those are HIGH traffic times on Facebook :) Avoid Fridays and Saturdays as those are considered the least likely time someone will see the post. Make the post “public” instead of just to friends so your reach is bigger and your friends of friends might see it and reach out to your for help! (Your profile should be set to PUBLIC if you intend to work the business.)
Once you post your Story/New Coach Announcement on your social media page and tag your coach in the post! Also, share that post with our team page so we can go and show you some love and support on your post!

What to Expect AFTER you share your story!
You might not get much interaction or inquiries, don’t worry! That’s not the point of this post! This initial post is to let your followers know more about your new business journey and to let them know you are here to help...without “selling” or pushing anything, as most people tend to do when they start a new business. It’s just your “announcement” that you are open for business...the business of helping others and creating value for free! In your upcoming training, you will make an “official” post inviting to your first free or regular challenge group/bootcamp, so don’t worry about that now!
Some of these people who join your first group will follow you throughout your coaching journey AND they will end up being your first customers and even coaches on your team! You will build trust and credibility, as well as confidence! Remember, people don't care how much you KNOW, they care about how much YOU care about them! We are not nutrition and fitness experts, we are relationship experts :) over time, yes you will learn a lot about those things, but don't ever feel like you need to know everything from the start! That's why we provide you with resources, so you can start right! However, always remember, the most important part of being a coach is building relationships and being authentically YOU!
If someone expresses interest, likes, or comments on the post I will send them something like:
COACH: “Thank you SO much for your support on my post. Sharing my story was really freaking hard for me to do so your love is greatly appreciated. Are you struggling too or feel kind of stuck? Tell me your story! Catch me up!(Or are you on a journey too to become the best version of you? Catch me up.)"
-----It is important to use YOUR voice and language here. Chat with this person as if you were sitting in a coffee shop. Be cool and relaxed. Not salesy or killing them with information! This opens up the conversation and expresses genuine gratitude! It might not lead to a conversation about health and fitness, but you have planted the seed! Think of likes/comments from now on like someone IN PERSON, telling you a compliment! It is normal to say “thank you”. Do not send links until you have fully understood what their needs are. Many coaches make this mistake of jumping the gun and then lose the opportunity to truly help someone.

Next, you want to RELATE to what they are saying while sharing your story.  Eventually hopefully getting them to open up to you. listen to their goals, struggles etc and really pay attention…
Reach out to your sponsor or the team to help you navigate these conversations as you go through them until you learn and know your voice! The biggest Tip is to just be YOU and just talk to people!! But don't kill them with information.