Part 1: Facebook Facelift!!

Facebook really is our first impression of someone. Think about it. When someone adds you or they comment on a friend’s post, you automatically check out their Profile if you don’t immediately recognize them, correct? Today we are going to check out our own profiles and clean up our image before we start posting about our new coaching journey, so when people come to our pages, they get a feel for who you are and what you do! ​ Watch this video on cleaning up your Facebook



Action Step: Clean up your Facebook page.

Part 2: Should you start a LIKE Page?

We would not personally recommend starting a Facebook LIKE page just yet as a brand new coach.  It takes time to get traction on your LIKE page and people are having a hard time getting people to view their posts unless they promote ads. We are not saying that you should not ever have a Like page; only that we wouldn't do it to start. We feel think it's misplaced energy when you can focus on your personal page and Instagram. (We'll discuss Instagram next!) We would, however, highly recommend that you use your personal Facebook page to build real relationships with people. You can share your life, your journey, talk about what you're up to in your business. You do not want to use your personal page as a storefront where you are blatantly promoting your business, as that can get your Facebook page shut down as well as turn people away. No one, including you most likely, likes to follow that person who is always promoting their products or services. 


Also, Facebook doesn't want you sending "Hey, girl" messages to strangers on your personal page where you try to sell them something. Again, not only does Facebook not like that, neither does anyone else! For that reason, it is crucial that you focus on building relationships with the people you friend request and that you know. You won't get in trouble for connecting with warm market (the people that you already know on fb and that you add organically). So feel free and in fact, we encourage you to connect and message people you know to first build relationships! Comment and like their posts. Be genuinely interested in them. Only once you have done that, should you invite them to a challenge group or to learn about the business opportunity. 

People are on FB to be informed (telling someone a fact), educated (how to stretch, how to do something, how something works), or entertained (laugh, distract). Think about that when crafting your posts. Don't worry, we'll more into this later! 

Something we see often is new coaches wanting to start a separate page from their personal page. So, in other words, they are wanting to have two separate identities, separating their personal life from their business life. This is a mistake! ​No one wants to follow a purely Beachbody or fitness page that is disconnected from your real life. People will buy from you because they know you, like you, and trust you. If they are simply looking for a product, they can go on Amazon or Please trust us on this one: you want to keep your life and your journey with Beachbody one and the same.