Activating Your Business: Getting to EMERALD rank!

Hitting Emerald Rank is when you OFFICIALLY open your business up to  the Team Cycle Bonus earning opportunity!!! 
Here’s how it works

It’s SO important not to over-complicate your business by over-complicating what it MEANS to be a sponsor coach!!!  It’s THIS simple:  You have your first coach sign up, and you have them complete the SAME training you’ve just finished if they are a working coach! If they are a coach who wants to benefit from the discount or is a hobby coach, simply support them on their own health and fitness journey in your BOOTCAMP!!  Do invite them to do the training, as you never know who will want to eventually work the business. When I started as a coach I did not think I would ever work the business. Ten years later, I am a seven figure earner with a team of 24,000 plus members. You just never know who will wake up to the opportunity!

Now that you have completed most of your training the next step to growing your team and your business is learning how to hit our 1st rank of Emerald! I always say Emerald is a decision. You can achieve Emerald status almost immediately by adding one coach on each leg (there are two legs). When you reach Emerald status you will start to earn a Team volume Bonus! This is a great start for your business and your future success.  Again, you can hit Emerald rank in as little as one day by doing these simple steps!

Step 1
Sign your Spouse up as a coach! You should have already watched the video in the New Coach Checklist that explained the IMPORTANCE of having your significant other at the TOP of your business! You want to capitalize on the volume that your team will grow and produce and be able to make 2x the income by having him placed there. Your spouse does NOT need to want to run the business as a coach and he does NOT have to be on Shakeology HD. Talk with your upline about how to sign up your spouse in the most economical way!

​Step 2
You don't have a spouse or significant other? Sign up a close family member who is willing to support you in your business! Your Mom is a great option or perhaps a sibling! Family loves to help and support dreams and goals! So reach out to them about helping you on this venture! And we KNOW how amazing Shakeology is and we want our family members to experience the health benefits right? No brainer.

Step 3
Ok, So you have signed your first coach. Now It is time to find your second. This person can be another family member, a best friend, or even your first customer! Invite your friends or even your family members to join you on this journey. You can say what a few very successful coaches on our team have said to their friends: (something like) “I signed up to be a coach. I’m so serious and excited about taking charge of my health and my future. I’m excited and I want you to come with me. Let’s do this together!!” They will have access to this training and to all the tools and resources on our team. 

If the person does not want to commit to working the business at this point, but they want to commit to living a healthy lifestyle long term and want to benefit from the discount on Shakeology, then they can and should sign up. Here is what I say at signup!​

"I am SO excited to help you make this a lifestyle and I know you have BIG goals that you want to reach! Saving money is important to me, so why don't we get you signed up for the 25% discount from the start! That way, each time you order more Shakeology, you will save $40 and it will be easier on you and your family! Sound good?"​

That's it. Simple. If they say--SURE, then sign them up! I, myself started for the discount, so you never know, they may FALL IN LOVE with the process and want to start paying it forward to help other people!​

If you don’t have anyone presently who is ready to sign up as a coach and who is interested in working the business, don’t despair!  It’s a matter of time if you do the work in the lessons. The daily work involves building relationships, connecting, talking about the opportunity and inviting people to join you!! Again, it really is only a matter of time if you’re putting in the effort and work! 

YAHOO! Now you are EMERALD! But don't stop there!! Your business is just launching! Keep going! The next big Rank is Diamond and you can easily hit that rank in 60 days or less by following these same steps! Hit Emerald Rank 4xs and you are Diamond!!

If you have NOT hit Emerald yet, Reach out to your upline coach for tips and advice. Being COACHABLE is key to success! Do not be afraid to reach out and ask for guidance or set up a 1 on 1 call! Go back and re-do this training making sure you are putting each step into ACTION!