Time Management and the 4 Vital Behaviors!

You can literally run your business in one to two hours a day to start IF SHOW UP DAILY! This is a BUSINESS! If you want to create a sustainable income for you and your family you have to treat it like it is a business! Do you know how BLESSED you are to open your own darn business just by investing in yourself and others? SERIOUSLY!
So you’re busy...like me. So – the key is “self management” more than time management. Being FOCUSED on why you are in Facebook, or IG, ignoring those red notification flags and dings – it can be hard. But the truth is, YOUR TIME is valuable. Your time is what is going to make this business into all that you dream of it becoming. So honor that time, by learning to master your power hour, right from the get go.  Here is a printable to-do list: Click for printable to-do list!

It is important to know the VITAL behaviors that when done and compounded over time will produce BIG results in your business. 

The 4 Vital Behaviors are:
1. Be Proof that the products work. (Workout. Drink Shakeology)
2. Invite. Invite. Invite (Daily to join your boot camp or team)
3. Recognize. Recognize. Recognize (Your challengers and coaches)
4. Do Personal Development (Strengthen your MINDSET)

Now that you know WHAT to do, now let's figure out how!
Here is your Power Hour tutorial 

The awesome things about this business is that YOU are your own boss. And there are a million different styles and ways to get your vital behaviors done daily! Some coaches complete everything in one hour long setting and some coaches run this business in the cracks of life! Broken up into small chunks every day! The best is advice is to do what works for YOU! 

Tracking your activity is vital to the business. Some coaches will want to metaphorically walk in the business, some will want to jog, and others will want to run in their business. There is a corresponding Business Activity Tracker for each of these groups. And sometimes, even if you're a runner, there will be weeks where you need to just do the basics and walk.






Here is a different way to make sure you are completing the vital behaviors in your business! Many coaches work this business in BURSTS and in the cracks of life! I sometimes don't get invites out DAILY but I make up for it on another day when I have time! I like concentrating on the BIG picture! So this helps me focus on invites, social media posting, PD, and my own fitness!

You may not check off all the boxes each week--but you can see where you need to grow and adjust accordingly!
Again--The system doesn't matter! Just SHOW UP for your business!