Quick Start

business quick start

If you want to get ready and LAUNCH your business--it is honestly SO SIMPLE. Follow these steps below and ask any questions you have to your upline coach or your mentor. We are here to help you. 

Step 1:  GMAIL - Create a GMAIL account. It is VERY IMPORTANT that it is a GMAIL account and nothing else. The GMAIL account should be specific to your coaching business (ex.barbiekalev@gmail.com).

Step 2: Direct Deposit - Set up Direct Deposit *Visit your Coach Online Office > Monitor My Business > Click My EFT Management. Enter your checking account info for wherever you want your pay sent each week. You will see a deposit each Thursday that reflects your earnings for the week prior to the current week. You get paid EVERY WEEK!!

Step 3: Get to Emerald and Get Friends/family to do this WITH YOU!- Our first goal is to help you earn back your investment in yourself and your business QUICK! You can do this EASILY and Advance your business to Emerald rank just by inviting your friends and family to get healthy WITH you and help hold you accountable! Get 2 friends or family members to say YES---and You are Emerald and have earned anywhere from $100-$200!

We need you to do a TRUST FALL and trust us when we say this next part is important. Emerald rank is the FIRST rank you achieve as a Beachbody coach. Getting to Emerald is SO SIMPLE!! You just need 2 people to make this happen! ((HINT: They do NOT have to want to run the business too. They can just soak up the discount!))
Watch this quick video to learn the benefits of Emerald Rank (And the other Coach ranks).

There are several different roads to get to Emerald but here are the top 2 quickest ways to get there.

  • Sign up Spouse + Friend/Family Member (sister, mother, etc)/Customer


  • Sign up Friend + Friend or Customer + Customer

If you are MARRIED--then it is ESSENTIAL that you sign your husband up as your first coach. LISTEN---he does NOT have to work the business or even have a darn thing to do with Beachbody. He is simply a place holder. Think of your spouse as another you. You will control his business. Watch this quick video to learn how/why this is SO IMPORTANT! Remember---do a TRUST FALL with us and just DO IT! ASK YOUR MENTOR for guidance on the most economical way to sign him up and to ensure he is placed properly in your tree!

Once your spouse is signed up---reach out to your friends/family members! Invite them to get healthy WITH you or ask them for their support in your business and try our products and give you honest feedback on what they think. They do not have to be LONG TERM coaches, but ask them to support you in your venture as you begin! You are placing your HEALTH as an important priority in your own life--don’t you want that for those you love as well?

Just think of 10 girlfriends and invite them to do this fitness challenge WITH you! It will not only hold you accountable, but it is SO MUCH more fun with friends! They do NOT have to want to run the business but can soak up the discount! Check out these scripts to understand help guide those early conversations to sign them up to not only help you get to Emerald, but also signing them up to save them money on their additional orders. You want to get your friends the most economical price, right? Then do you both a favor and sign them up for the discount and grow your team!

If they don’t want to sign up as a coach, that’s totally ok!! You can help your friends get started with a challenge pack and you still earn back your investment!! 

Check out the scripts >>>>>>>HERE

Check out more advanced Emerald Training HERE.

Check out this short video to see how your income will double when you TRUST us.

Note: If you do not have a spouse, a parent can certainly work in this spot too!

Step 4: Signing up your Customers and Coaches:  You can sign up your customers and coaches from your computer or on your phone! Here is how you do that using our Share- A- Cart option! Make sure you ask any and all questions to your mentor before making your first sale! When you sign a COACH, be sure to let your mentor know ASAP so we can make sure they are placed in your tree correctly to help you MAXIMIZE your income!

Step 5: Announce you are a Coach on Social Media

Check out this lesson on the best way to do this! Crafting your Announcement

Step 6: Make a list of 25 friend/family and invite them to get healthier with you! Don’t overthink it. This is no different than inviting them to go try a new restaurant with you or a new workout class!

Step 7: Use these scripts when chatting with people. Never allow scripts to replace real authentic conversation! These are created just to help you with price introduction and conversation flow. If you are uncomfortable with these conversations on your own, reach out to your mentor and they will jump in the conversation WITH you (3 way) and help you chat with your potential customer!

Starting an Invite via Messaging on Social

Team Scripts